Perfection Is In The Small Details
In addition to our product line, we are also able to offer
custom services using our state of the art toolset.
  1. Metal Forming
    Metal Forming
    At Ashwill Industries we have a 72" 55 ton press brake to handle our forming needs and our customers forming needs. We also have a partnering company we work with to handle all of our oversized forming and our job shop customers needs as well. This CNC press brake has a 14’ bed with 363 ton of press capacity.
  2. Welding
    We utilize both mig and tig welding depending on the application and project. We specialize more in mild steel welding and run both short arc and pulse mig machines. Our short arc or standard mig machines are a CP300 or a millermatic 300. Our pulse mig machine is a millermatic 350P. Our tig machine is a Lincoln precision tig 185. Both the pulse mig and tig machine are capable or welding aluminum. Give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can handle your project.
  3. Laser Cutting
    Laser Cutting
    At Ashwill Industries we have a company we partner with to handle our laser cutting needs and our customers needs. We have access to 6000 watt CO2 machine capable of cutting up to 1.5" T1 plate and a 5000 Watt Fiber machine capable of cutting up to 1.25" T1 plate. Both machines have an 84" x 163" cutting envelope
  4. Plasma Cutting
    Plasma Cutting
    The newest and most productive machine in our shop is the Retro Systems Hornet HD plasma cutting table. Is has a cutting envelop of 72" x 144" using a Hypertherm HPR260XD power source for handling the big iron. This machine can handle your lightest gauge material all the way up to 1.5" thick mild steel. This machine is setup to run mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Perfect machine for a balance of speed and accuracy. Just send over a DXF or DWG file for a quote.
  5. WaterJet
    We have a Romeo Engineering 2.5 axis, 60K abrasive water jet table with a 60" x 120" cutting envelope. With this machine we can cut up to just about any type of material out there. We have cut up to 4" thick mild steel and 6" thick aluminum. Then all the way down to .005" sst shim stock. An extremely versatile machine for the job shop world. Just send over a DXF or DWG file for a quote.
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